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  1. What to expect from good home care service

    Making a decision on a home care provider can be a difficult and daunting one. With little prior experience of the subject individuals may look to family and friends for support and advice on what works best, what they should seek out, and most importantly who should be providing the care...


  2. Public Perceptions of Nurses

    Nurses have always been a victim of stereotyping. The profession is regularly portrayed as one exclusively for women. Their role is often seen as a subordinate one. They offer more sympathy to patients than a doctor, but strictly follow orders from superiors. They mop brows and do the admin. They don’t quite have what it takes to be a doctor.

    It’s time to shake off the stereotype that nurses are females who act as doctors’ assistants. It's time to recognise them as a vital part of the healthcare system.


  3. Diseases that are making a comeback

    Changes to the way we live our lives today have seen a number of diseases making a comeback. Whilst we are most familiar with these diseases from history lessons at school, the anti-vaccination movement, the cessation of some mandatory vaccinations and even increased awareness of other conditions have all contributed to the rise in these 'old fashioned' diseases.