Complex Care Nursing

When you’ve been diagnosed with a long term condition, our specialist complex care nurses at Team24 Private Nursing are there to take the pressure off and ease your pain. If you need round the clock medical care or some added support in a difficult time, we’re here for you any time, day or night.

We know that home is the only place you want to be, which is why we’ll make the necessary arrangements so that you don’t have to worry about moving into unfamiliar surroundings. 

In severe cases where your complex care requires life sustaining technology or a live in carer, you don’t have to worry because our experienced nurses are there to give you the care you need.

What is included?

Care that is personal to you

Living with complex healthcare needs is never easy and we know that the way everyone deals with their illness is personal. When you’re having a bad day and are struggling to cope, it’s no problem for our nurses who are specialists in helping you get back to being you.

A service tailored to your needs

Whether you need 24 hour assistance to help with your rehabilitation or someone who can visit your home regularly to provide medical care and a listening ear, you can rely on us to give you exactly what you need.

A no obligation assessment

When you need a live in carer it’s not just about finding the specialist nurse, it’s about finding the person who is best suited to you. That’s why we will come and visit you at your home to get to know you and see exactly what you need before beginning our expert care.

It can be difficult for your friends and family when you’re not well, which is why we are always on hand to offer conversation, care and advice whenever it is needed.

Complex conditions can come on quickly, but we only need 48 hours’ notice before we can begin our care. Every person is different in their care needs and if your condition suddenly deteriorates or you feel stronger and able to cope without as much assistance, we’ll adjust your treatment plan to suit, providing the level of care that’s just right.

Being part of your team

We monitor your recovery and progress by working with your existing doctors, nurses and other medical professionals who understand your treatment. Working as a team means that we always provide the care that’s right for you.

When you’re diagnosed with a condition that requires complex care it can be daunting, but we’re here to give you control back over your life by enabling you to live as independently as possible in your home.

Our complex care team are here to make things as simple as possible. Ring 0207 118 2424 to discuss your care needs today.